Things Fall Apart, by David Bax

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  1. Jason says:

    I was recently listening to a certain film podcast in which the hosts implored the listeners to come to this website and leave comments, so here I am, commenting away. I was already interested in seeing Carnage and this review has solidified my feelings. Something about watching proper people lose/let go of control to display their true selves (both emotionally and physically) is delightful to me. That said, I look forward to this film, warts and all, that exposes these characters, warts and all.

  2. Ari says:

    Yeah, I’m really looking forward to this.

  3. Carlos C. Rubi says:

    I can’t say it was on my must-see list, primarily because it seems like the whole movie was given away in the previews and most plays adapted to movies that I have seen recently were lame. Nevertheless, I will give it a shot based on your review. At the same time, the concept seems hardly new. Luis Bunuel’s “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie” (1972) also deals with the breakdown of civility and the abandonment of manners among the upper middle class when they a group of six are trapped together at a dinner where no one can leave.

  4. ashtin says:

    Finished watching this only moments ago and wanted to read some reviews. Ha this movie certainly tickled me. Liked the rapport christoph waltz and john c reilly achieve about midway through. Couldn’t stand Jodie Foster’s character (in a good way-as in, she did her job) and I really like how it would fluctuate between gender battles and sexual adversaries – LOVED when kate winslet drops the phone in the vase – christophs waltz’ pose was great and humanized the hell out of him. I couldn’t help but feel that they wouldn’t have even begun to have a problem had penelope’s character not been there. Don’t like how it ended mainly because of the fade. I don’t know for sure what a fade indicates from a technical standpoint, I know It bugs the hell outta me (I guess its a biased view but heehaw to that) and the footage (hamster included) felt a little ambiguous – are they showing us the two boys reaching an agreement? Overall – thumbs up! Gets an A-

  5. ashtin says:

    Footage at the end*

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