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  1. Chris Mosher says:

    I believe it was Tyler who mentioned many people felt this was a harder lists to create on the last podcast. One big reason for myself was that there are so many more choices for actors/actresses then director’s. I felt limited because we had to choose five actors and five actresses instead of the normal ten. I know still had ten picks overall but i had a much harder time with actresses then actors. I also wanted to include some actors but I had to ask myself did their poor choices in recent years to do what felt like paycheck films counter great earlier work? For example, when considering did how much I loved DeNiro in Raging Bull and the second Godfather get outweighed by films like the Focker films. DeNiro is still a great actor but I don’t feel that his presence saved the bad films he was in.
    Overall I can’t say I disagree with this list except I think Stewart should have been closer to the bottom.

  2. Ines Leitao says:

    I’m disappointed at this list. But it was a really difficult one to do.
    I think the inclusion of Kurt Russell or Orson Welles speaks to this difficulty, because with actors we tend to choose in a more sentimental way, so the list would always be quite awkward. I chose actors that “speak to me” and maybe not the ones I consider the best.
    Oh well, film lists are easier.

  3. Nigel Cratchpheasant III says:

    Jimmy Stewart belongs on the list, but no. 1? That’s pretty strange to me. Same with PSH, top 10 for sure but no. 2 seems high. I would’ve put Harrison Ford on the list way before Kurt Russell (if we’re going that route)

  4. Betty says:

    It would be fun to do the 50 best Performances!!! Gender neutral and remove any question about late career sags, and any more moaning about Kurt Russell can be put to bed. (Come on people! Kurt Russell is the MAN!!!)

    • Chris Mosher says:

      Wow… and I thought just the actos/acresses thing was a hard choice. On the other hand it is am excellent idea for a future BP pole. My entire list could be Kurt Russell roles.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      I think it would be difficult to differentiate between “performances” and “characters”, which we’ve already done.

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