Top 50 Horror Films (35-31)

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6 Responses

  1. andyluvsfilms says:

    Ugh! The Orphanage is awful but i really love Night Of The Hunter, finally caught up with it a few months a go.

  2. Hudsucker says:

    I guess Shaun of the Dead belongs here. I just hope an American Werewolf in London appears here.

    • andyluvsfilms says:

      Shaun was on an early list but it got hornswaggled come the finish. None of my mine have made an appearence yet.

  3. Jonathon says:

    Night of the Hunter is one of my all time favourite films but I didn’t vote for it because I’m not entirely sure if it’s horror. None of my picks have appeared yet, which means mine were either obscure or very typical (I’m 100% certain the latter is the case).

  4. Dayne Linford says:

    I forgot Night of the Hunter, but I’m never sure what genre to put that in. Noir? Domestic drama? German expressionism? Surrealism? It’s all over the place, such an astounding movie. I like Orphanage, but it is ridiculous to think that it and 28 Days Later beat out Night of the Hunter. No competition! I’m assuming it’s because everyone who’s seen it made my mistake and more people need to see it in general. I’ll rest comfortably in this completely unwarranted assumption :p

  5. Scott Milliken says:

    andyluvsfilms: not sure if we watched the same movie titled The Orphanage, I thought it was awesome.

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