Triangulate, by Sarah Brinks

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4 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Hunter says:

    Glad you were able to enjoy the movie despite the distractions and the weakness in the source material.

    I’d love to have a conversation with you sometime about writers not seeming to grasp what is most interesting about their own work.

  2. Sarah Brinks says:

    That would be an interesting conversation to have. It is a bummer when it happens especially when interesting ideas are there, just not explored!

  3. Davide says:

    People at the movies can be so annoying! Same thing happened when I went seeing Spring Breakers (and it wasn’t just teenagers!). I think it’s a great movie (Spring Breakers that is), but part of the experience was spoiled, and it’s not like you can’t see a movie for the first time twice.. I recommend people seek weird hours to see something they really care about.

  4. Sarah Brinks says:

    Too true Davide. When teenagers ruin a movie you can at least blame age and bad parenting. When adults do it, it is simply inexcusable. I didn’t really care about The Host but I had paid my money to see it and didn’t care to hear their conversations instead of the dialogue!

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