Truth Marches On, by David Bax

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  1. Captain Ahab says:

    First time poster, many time listener here. One, among many other things I enjoyed about Selma was that it was set after the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It was a slice of history that I, and I would assume many others, were not as familiar with when compared to the famous marches on Washington. By choosing and shedding light on that time in history, it made the movie immediately able to relate to the current problems in America. In Selma, despite the passing of the landmark Act, work was still needed to be done to ensure equality of all peoples in our country. That idea, unfortunately, still pervades unto today. While poll taxes are no longer, African-Americans are incarcerated more than their white counterparts, earn a lower wage on average, and still face some form of discrimination on a regular basis. Current racism and discrimination are currently not as explicit as they once were, but are nonetheless present and relevant in our society. The relevancy, especially after the recent events in Missouri and New York (like you mentioned), was what made the film hit home for me. Anyways, just wanted to get my two cents in on a film I very much enjoyed. Keep up the good work with the podcast guys!

    Damn the white whale,
    Cpt Ahab

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