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  1. bob says:

    So, the idea that John Mulaney “Had an affair” seems to be based on the order in which various infomration was made public, but according to the timeline of events he laid out on the Seth Meyers show, he was separated/divorcing well before the Olivia Munn relationship.

    Also, isn’t the early sentiment of “depiction does not equal endorsement” kind of apply to “Just because Buffalo Bill is Trans, doesn’t mean all Trans people are psychotic killers”? i never understood why Buffalo Bill being trans was hurtful to the trans community – is it because BB is the only trans person in the film? Or “film rarely depicts trans people, so this one is hurtful”? I mean…Chris Sarandon in Dog Day didn’t paint all trans people as bank robber-lovers, right?

    as a fat white guy, i sure better like how Brendan Fraser portrays The Whale, or i swear i’m gonna go HAM on twitter. We never get portrayed on film, except as White Boy Bob in Out of Sight. So hurtful.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      With Buffalo Bill, I think it’s the fact that his trans-ness is presented as a part of what makes him so scary/weird/psychotic/whatever.

      – David

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