Tyler’s Top Ten of 2012

SUB-24ZERO-articleLarge10. Zero Dark Thirtyamour-photo-59. Amour-HQ-Silver-Linings-Playbook-stills-jennifer-lawrence-32929070-1024-6838. Silver Linings Playbookkilling-them-softly-img077. Killing Them Softlyoriginal6. The Cabin in the WoodsBernie5. BernieQueen of Versailles, Jackie Siegel4. The Queen of Versaillescompliance-movie3. Compliance4-30-12-The-Avengers_full_6002. The AvengersThe-Master1. The Master

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  1. Davide says:

    Good to see The Queen of Versailles on someone’s list, I too thought it was the best documentary of the year! And you like it for the same reasons which is great.

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