Tyler’s Top Ten of 2013

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3 Responses

  1. andyluvsfilms says:

    Mucho lurve for Enough Said and Frances Ha. Her is still not out yet over here but really looking forward to watching Inside Llewyn Davis in a couple weeks.
    As for the two docs, i actually found them both quite repetitive but i did enjoy Anwar’s ‘exorcism’ near the end of The Act Of Killing and Herman’s hilarious political campaign.

  2. So far I’ve only seen two films on your list, Captain Phillips and The Act of Killing. Captain Phillips made my top 15 of the year, it’s a prime example of Greengrass as a great filmmaker, unlike his Bourne films. The Act of Killing I liked, it’s not without its positive qualities. The end didn’t sit well with me though as I didn’t believe any revelation or change was actually taking place. Look forward to eventually discovering the rest of your list.

  3. Dan Heaton says:

    Enough Said! It’s refreshing to see it at the top. I’m also a big fan of Frances Ha and was surprised by how much I was engaged by Captain Phillips. I wasn’t as enamored with The Place Beyond the Pines, but I can see the appeal. I still have so many to see.

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