What the Hell Are You Watching: Alien: Covenant

Ridley Scott’s new Alien film is in theaters. Lincoln and Tim saw it. They have questions. And strong opinions.

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  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    You mischaracterize the movie a number of times. Instead of Crudup diverting to the planet with an “I have faith” justification, he does it because he does not have the confidence of the crew and regards them as unwilling to go back into cryosleep after the captain died. And he states that they’re merely investigating it as a possibly preferable site. After they land and it seems habitable he does start speaking as if they’re going to settle there.

    The couples are not all divided between the Covenant and the dropship: Tennessee stays on the Covenant because he’s the chief pilot, while his wife pilots the dropship (I don’t think either had military training). Captain Oram & his wife travel together, but she decides to stop at one place to do some research. As far as I know, she’s the only scientist. The rest are basically just merchant (not military) marines.

    Daniels is not the one who deduces that the wheat was planted by a human, though she is the one to note the absence of animals.

    The mouth is actually a convenient way for a parasite to exit. And since in this film there are spores rather than merely facehuggers they can incubate starting in a different place.

    The original Alien film didn’t linger on gore. The xenomorph itself barely got any screentime (which helped to preserve its mystique).

    I will agree with you on how stupid it was for the captain to go along with David after he kills the xenomorph.

    David doesn’t say anything about cognitive effects on the host of an alien, since the hosts die in fairly short order.

    Alien is closer to a slasher movie than Aliens is. Aliens is a war/action movie which happens to feature xenomorphs.

    Maybe we’ll get Alien: Daddy Issues when Luke Scott makes one.

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