Worth Playing For: “Love Goggles”

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  1. Gary Liao says:

    as a first time listener… i found your podcast confusing and poorly formatted. no introductions to date stamp or show number. I also had 2 or 3 misses when trying to even find your show on itunes. i like that you jump right into it but provide more context. and how a lot more warning for spoilers…geez.

  2. David says:

    I’m going to try to check the episode, because I couldn’t hear him perfectly, but the line from Ken in the premier, when he talked about living off the grid, I thought he said, “use me” not “listen to me”. I will check, if I can find it, but it came off as more of an offer than an arrogance, and more in keeping with who he seems to be.

    More later! Great show so far (yours). I saved four episodes of Survivor, therefore the podcast, to do all at once so my Pop can better keep the people in his memory, so I’m blazing through these today.

    • Ah well, couldn’t hear him saying either, “use me” or “listen to me,” but looking back, his “let me help” seems more in character than out of character when Ken is talking about building a shelter. Probably open to interpretation though.

      Sorry, “spoilers,” everyone. Ken may or may not have been an uncharacteristic blow-hard for just a moment. Oh yes, um, in episode one. Of, uh, season 33 of Survivor. Sur-VIY-vur. It’s a TV show – TV for “tele” and “vision”, referring to distributing visual and audio based stories and communications through airwaves. On Earth, a planet of Sol (third, so far), located in the outer spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, part of The Universe, subset of Creation. Must keep everyone both properly oriented, and in the dark.

      Tyler, Jen, tighten up the format, will you? This start a conversation, have the conversation, close the conversation, all on or around a single topic, well… it’s all too opaque, wouldn’t you say? You’re making The Cremaster Cycle look on point. How long have you been doing podcasts, a week or two?

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