Worth Playing For: “Second Chance”

960In this episode, Tyler and Jenny kick off their coverage of Survivor season 31 with a discussion of the premiere, “Second Chance.”STREAM FROM YOUR PHONE

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5 Responses

  1. Ryan says:

    I hate that they didn’t let anyone strategize after the challenge. That’s usually when the best scheming happens.

  2. Boothe says:

    I’m going to just drop comments as I listen to the episodes. Pardon me if it gets lengthy.

    Like you, Tyler, I’ve been bursting with anticipation/excitement for this season, ever since rumors of a vote-in cast started floating around the net.

    – Didn’t think Kelly was alienating herself by swimming for the rice. It was a smart (perhaps badly timed) move on her part. Good thing Woo was there to grab the baton. A great moment for him to start the show, as I feel he was largely singled out for his mistake in Cagayan.

    Vytas comments on manipulating the perspective of the women he previously played with was interesting. This time around it didn’t appear that he was trying to reach their souls (stories of past, or his son), but their bodies. It was a little creepy.

    Wentworth wasn’t on my radar when the votes were opened, but I quickly changed my mind after her RHAP interview, and strong campaigning. Before the season started, I picked her (with my head) to win. Was happy with her strong opening. Everything about the idol was fantastic television.

    I wouldn’t call Keith an alpha male, but he’s definitely more comfortable hanging with dudes than he is with females. That early alliance of four men was one of the easiest predictions I made with regards to this particular tribe’s dynamic. Wondered which of the women they would pull in. Thought it would either be Kass or Tasha. Seems like they have the entire tribe in the palms of their hands. Stephen’s gotta hope they win a couple of more times before a swap.

    I’m ok with Varner’s move here. Still feels like he has a lot of time and space to maneuver within his current tribe. I am 100% rooting for him (heart) to win.

    “People didn’t vote in favor of Abi, they voted against Vytas.”

    Good quote, Tyler. Shirin has said that she wants to work with Abi (I’m assuming for GOAT reasons). There will probably be some effort to keep her around until she becomes completely unmanageable I assume.

    Glad you’re both really having fun with this podcast. Looking forward to hearing more.

  3. Scott M says:

    I can’t play the episode from this page on my computer and my podcast subscription has been down since yesterday too, not sure if anyone else is having these problems or if it’s just me.

  4. Philip says:

    I LOVE the new idol twist. It was getting old people just finding one early on and using it basically the same way every time. This really makes the idol hunt exciting again.

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