Worth Playing For: “Vote Early, Vote Often”

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  1. 1. If I remember well, Audrey was sort of a late bloomer in her first season. She definitely played, but had comparatively lied low until the merge, and then really blossomed, at least according to the edit. Does that ring true for you? I may be wrong. I’ve been reading her as very much keeping her head down until it’s necessarily “time to play,” which could have been her approach, if she knew her reputation as the one who should have won.

    2. Presently, there are already 32 different winners. Is the next big thing for Survivor to have a season called Survivor: Winners? It would certainly be a draw. Could pull in people who’ve long stopped watching, and even new viewers, like that Spock episode of The Next Generation did for that show.

    There have also been 38 who are runners-up who have not also won. Survivor: Runners-Up? Or Survivor: Second Second Chances? There are enough of each group that if a few stayed out, they could still have a nice complement of players. It might be nice to see two tribes full of people who are experts, and whose targetability has been effectively equaled out. There would be no playing on preconceptions, like “She’s won twice – she has to go” if everyone’s won. It would be experts playing sort of like newbies – all at square one with each other. And, of course, Sandra would be left out, having won twice, to not spoil the pot. She could have the Cochran role. Or just no role.

  2. Shoot! I know. “AuBrey.”


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