X-Men: Apocalypse: The End is the Beginning is the End, by Tyler Smith

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  1. Benjamin K Brown says:

    Hey Tyler, great review–I’ve been a big fan of yours’ for over just about 7 years now. (It was great hearing you drop by Andrew Klavan’s podcast, too). Totally agree with you on Apocalypse, the critics have been weirdly harsh on this one…one of the things that I’ve always appreciated about the X-Men series (primarily the entries directed by Bryan Singer) is how character-centric, rather than spectacle-centric, they are. The scenes from the series that stick with me most aren’t the big CGI-set pieces, but rather, as you mentioned, those of the characters sitting and talking, debating philosophy or hashing out their feelings (the exchange in Days of Future Past between Xavier and Magneto on the plane comes to mind)…this is the kind of stuff that the MCU occasionally tries to pull off (think the scene in Civil War between Captain America and Tony Stark involving the “olive branch” pens), but since the overall franchise doesn’t seem to take itself quite seriously enough, the overall impact that is being reached for falls kind of flat.

    You also nailed, at least for me, the big reason why I find myself so much more excited about the X-Men series (and even the DCU, to an extent), vs. the MCU, which is that it can literally go in any direction. There’s no ‘Infinity War’-esque event being built up to, which makes for a far more interesting narrative dynamic.

    Keep up the great work!

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