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Monday Movie: Les Visiteurs du Soir, by Scott Nye

Every Monday, we’ll highlight a piece of writing from our vaults. This review of Les Visiteurs du Soir originally ran as a home video review. Given that Marcel Carné, along with screenwriter Jacques Prévert, pretty much perfected poetic realism, it...


Sting: Harmless, by Tyler Smith

I’m terrified of spiders. And so are you. Everybody is. Those who say they are not are either liars or not paying close enough attention. Spiders are monsters. As proof, we need only look at the horror genre. Whether big...


Episode 890: Norman Jewison

In this episode, Tyler and David discuss the career of Norman Jewison as well as the announcement of Toy Story 5. Norman Jewison movies discussed include 1975’s Rollerball and more! Battleship Pretension is a movie discussion podcast started in 2007...


Beasting and Other Stuff You Might Have Missed This Week

This week, we’re beasting. Here’s what else we’re doing. We’re beasting, omening first, wonking, chancing coup and self-destructing. Here are the top five things that went down at Battleship Pretension this week: The Beast: Doll-drums Through the Century, by Scott...

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