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Movie Meltdown: Memoirs of Tyler McIntyre

21 Aug

This week we welcome special guest director Tyler MacIntyre to talk to us about his latest feature Tragedy Girls. Plus we discuss his first film Patchwork, the finer points of being an editor in addition to being a director… and just what draws fans to the horror genre. And along the way, we also discuss this week’s Sofa Theater feature: Memoirs of an Invisible Man the sometimes forgotten film directed by John Carpenter.


Movie Meltdown: A Taste of Most Beautiful Island

14 Aug

This week we return to the Flyover Film Fest for their Taste of Flyover festivities. Plus we sit down with Ana Asensio, the writer, director and star of Most Beautiful Island (winner of Grand Jury Award at South by Southwest this year). We also recap the night where we ate food from Chef Edward Lee’s recipes as well as saw Peter Byck’s One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts and Fermented directed by Jonathan Cianfrani. As well as our thoughts on recent viewings of War for the Planet of the Apes and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.


Movie Meltdown: Out on the Veranda with Vincent Grashaw

7 Aug

This week we kick-off our coverage of the Flyover Film Festival as we sit out on the veranda and talk with director Vincent Grashaw. Vincent’s latest feature And Then I Go just made its worldwide premiere at the 2017 Los Angeles Film Festival before coming to Flyover. We discuss the challenges of getting his latest drama made and the way he tries to approach its sensitive subject matter. We also address his early films as well as his previous feature Coldwater and about the crazy experiences working on and producing the indie hit Bellflower.


Movie Meltdown: Attack of *repeat repeat

1 Aug

This week we are coming to you “live” from Forecastle music festival. Where we hang out and build a soundtrack from the great line-up of bands on hand. Plus we sit down with our special guests *repeat repeat. They are an amazing band from Nashville who deliver spooky, surf-tinged pop with undeniable punk rock roots. We discuss not just their musical origins, but also what movies they loved growing up as well as some of their favorite songs featured on a soundtrack.


Movie Meltdown: How About a Date with Phil Lamarr?

24 Jul

This week we are coming to you “live” from Indy PopCon… where we experience lots of different aspects of our geek pop culture. But most importantly, we make a date… to sit down and talk with Phil Lamarr. You probably know Phil from his ill-fated appearance in Pulp Fiction, or his years of working on MadTV, or his numerous characters on shows like Futurama, Justice League, Samurai Jack, Static Shock, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and so many others. Join us as we talk with Phil about growing up in L.A., about working with Quentin Tarantino, about getting into the voice-over industry, about saving Spider-Man from falling off a train, about crazy movie theories… plus his thoughts on the somewhat recent popularity of super hero movies.


Movie Meltdown: The Artistic Influences of Mark Maddox

10 Jul

This week we continue our coverage from WonderFest as we sit down and talk with artist Mark Maddox. Mark is a multiple “Artist of the Year” Rondo Award winner, and his artwork has been featured on the covers of The Art of Doctor Who SpecialScreem Magazine (including the Star Wars: The Force AwakensUniversal Monsters, Mystery Science Theater 3000 and American Horror Story covers), HorrorHound Magazine, Moonstone Comics (includingKolchak: The Night Stalker Files), Little Shoppe Of Horrors, Undying Monsters, Mad Scientist Magazine, Airship27 Books, Hemlock Books, Thrilling Tales, Don Glut’s Frankenstein series for Pulp 2.0 Press and many more. We discuss just which movies and pop culture inspired him as a child, and how it came full circle to become the focus of his artistic career.


Movie Meltdown: Kim Smith and John Goodson

5 Jul

This week we continue our coverage from WonderFest as we sit down with Kim Smith and John Goodson. Both are technical masters who spent years working at LucasFilm’s Industrial Light and Magic, and they have logged in many years building physical models as well as transitioning into digital effects as the industry began to change around them.


Movie Meltdown: Brian Howe

26 Jun

This week we are coming to you “live” from WonderFest where we are joined by this week’s special guest… actor Brian Howe. One of the hardest working and most impressive actors in the business, Brian’s been featured in Westworld, Catch Me If You Can, The Pursuit of Happyness, American Horror Story, Gran Torino, Annabelle, K-PAX, The Majestic, Déjà Vu, Evan Almighty, Lie to Me, Criminal Minds, Masters of Sex, House of Lies, The Newsroom, Nikita, Justified – and of course, he’s one of the cast of regulars in the Larry Blamire films (The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, Dark and Stormy Night, Trail of the Screaming Forehead, The Lost Skeleton Returns Again).

And in between our bouts of clowning around and being a dork, we also bring up… Spielberg’s shooting style, that was paramount to me, one of them practically Xeroxed her rolodex, anything I could do – I did, Tony Scott, laying the groundwork, a cast of small town lunatics, Larry Moss, Summer stock theater in the Poconos, Fay Masterson, striking up the band, David Mamet, Trish Geiger, one big scene with Denzel, working in tandem, Kevin Spacey, Spy Hard, America’s most beloved action figure, the quiet scary moments, Jim Carrey, State and Main, the bloom is off the rose, it was tremendous fun… blood all over the place, Frank Darabont, The Conjuring Universe, hours were long… temperatures were torturous, it was like the biggest most lumbering independent film I’d ever been involved with, when a casting director goes the extra mile, Kerry O’Malley, fly wrangler, that’s how we got our revenge for his, rather indelicate criticism… of our work, a benevolent madman, K-Pax, snow in Pasadena, straight and kind of silly or full absurd, messing with Gabriele Muccino, a sustained level of dread, had to have a fake car to pick him up, one thing, with persistence, does actually lead to another, Will Smith, a state of trust, houses can have bad mojo, Clint Eastwood, my favorite… boy I’m making a Hollywood movie moment, Jeff Bridges, shooting for a dollar and a bucket of chicken, gettin’ the laughs and singin’ the songs, self-consuming hybrids and Tom Hanks goes mad.

“I don’t expect to be the big star… but I’ll be the big star’s neighbor.”

Movie Meltdown: William Stout

18 Jun

Ok, this week we are back with our regular episode. Except it’s not regular – it’s with special guest William Stout! If you don’t know him by name, well… here’s just some of the films he’s worked on: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Conan the Barbarian, Predator, First Blood, Conan the Destroyer, Men in Black, The Mist, Pan’s Labyrinth, Invaders from Mars, Clan of the Cave Bear, Return of the Living Dead, Masters of the Universe…and Rambling Rose? Yep… those are some amazing credits. Not to mention he’s created a huge number of movie posters, everything from Rock and Roll High School to Wizards!

Movie Meltdown: Attack of the Semi-Recent Movie Songs!

8 Jun

This week, the gang gets together for a listening party of songs from semi-recent movies.