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Home Video Hovel- London River, by Mattijs Grannetia

20 Apr

On July 7, 2005 Europe was shaken to its core by four bombings in London, England. Fifty-two people were killed and hundreds more injured by a coordinated attack on London’s public transport during rush hour. This incident added a whole new level to the distrust and fear of the Muslim community that was already there because of the incidents on September 11, 2001. In London River, against this background, director Rachid Bouchareb paints a heartbreaking story about two parents looking for their children.


Home Video Hovel- Virgin Witch

12 Mar

Pulpy film label Redemption Films has been releasing upgraded versions of sleazy old movies for years and are mostly interested in occult-themed horror exploitation romps from the 1970s. Titles like The Shiver of the Vampires, Lips of Blood and The Nude Vampire grace their website and leave not a lot to the imagination. Their newest re-release is a notorious British effort called Virgin Witch from 1972. Originally billed with a tagline that sounded like “She’ll take you on… and turn you on!”, this is a shining example of exploitation movies in which women are nothing more than objects to be lusted over. Why should we waste our precious time watching these movies? Beats me.