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Holding Over and Other Stuff You Might Have Missed This Week

This week, we’re holding over. Here’s what else we’re doing. We’re holding over, delinquenting, othering, droming and goggling. Here are the top five things that went down at Battleship Pretension this week: The Holdovers: Held Back, by Scott Nye The...


Home Video Hovel: The Others, by Rudie Obias

One of the big box office hits of 2001, Alejandro Amenábar’s The Others is a love letter to gothic horror with its post-WWII British setting, spooky production design, melodramatic tone, and haunting storytelling that engages audiences with scares, grief, and...


Home Video Hovel: Romeo and Juliet, by Rudie Obias

Obviously, just about everyone knows the story of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet—two young star-crossed lovers from warring families in Verona, Italy. This is something everyone had to read in high school for English literature, as well as countless movie...

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