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Criterion Prediction #82: Dragon Inn, by Alexander Miller

29 Mar

Title: Dragon Inn aka Dragon Gate Inn

Year: 1967

Director: King Hu

Cast: Shih Chun, Pai Ying, Polly Kuan, Miao Tian, Sit Hon, Cho Kin, Go Ming, Got Siu-Bo, Ko Fei, Hsu Feng


The Three Faces of John Dillinger, by Alexander Miller

28 Mar

We have a longstanding love affair with gangsters and criminals on screen, and the evidence lies in the decades of crime cinema. Despite the influence of German expressionism on the noir genre gangster movies, they are (like westerns) are a distinctly American facet of moviemaking. Shadows and light might illuminate the scene but derby hats, Tommy guns, G-men, and wiseguys aren’t likely to turn up anywhere else in the landscape of world cinema, and Depression-era bank robbers are pure Americana.


Criterion Prediction #81: The Limey, by Alexander Miller

22 Mar

Title: The Limey

Year: 1999

Director: Steven Soderbergh

Cast: Terence Stamp, Peter Fonda, Lesley Ann Warren, Luis Guzman, Barry Newman


Shout!/Scream Factory Prediction #1: The Dead Zone, by Alexander Miller

21 Mar

Title: The Dead Zone

Year: 1983

Director: David Cronenberg

Cast: Christopher Walken, Brooke Adams, Tom Skerritt, Herbert Lom, Colleen Dewhurst, Anthony Zerbe, Martin Sheen


Criterion Prediction #80: The 47 Ronin, by Alexander Miller

15 Mar

Title: The 47 Ronin, Parts 1 & 2

Year: 1941

Director: Kenji Mizoguchi

Cast: Yoshizaburo Arashi, Utaemon Ichikawa, Daisuke Katô, Chôjûrô Kawarasaki, Kunitaro Kawarazaki, Seizaburô Kawazu


The Ottoman Lieutenant: Salute Your Shorts, by Alexander Miller

8 Mar

There’s an unwritten rule, or at least I’d like to think so, that what we consider to be bad movies are a part of a different conversation than the so-bad-they’re-good camp. We understand that even the worst of the blockbuster clunkers have some redeeming virtues under the layers of crap; Ben Affleck was a decent Batman and, according to the Academy, Suicide Squad had good makeup effects. But sifting through the dusty antiquated ashes of The Ottoman Lieutenant all that was left were hazy superficialities and a story that’s a series of lethargic dead-ends. It’s evident The Ottoman Lieutenant is reaching for old-fashioned romanticism a la Casablanca or Passage to Marseille but it only succeeds in evoking a counterfeit reflection of its forebears.


Criterion Prediction #79: Time of the Gypsies, by Alexander Miller

8 Mar

Title: Time of the Gypsies

Year: 1988

Director: Emir Kusturica

Cast: Davor Dujmović, Borivoje Todorović, Ljubica Adzovic, Husnija Hasimovic, Sinolicka Trpkova, Zabit Memedov, Elvira Sali, Suada Karisik


Criterion Prediction #78: Killer of Sheep, by Alexander Miller

1 Mar

Title: Killer of Sheep

Year: 1977

Director: Charles Burnett

Cast: Henry G. Sanders, Kaycee Moore, Charles Bracy, Angela Burnett Eugene Cherry, Jack Drummond


Bitter Harvest: Tough to Swallow, by Alexander Miller

23 Feb

Bitter Harvest centers on Stalin’s initiated famine that killed millions of Soviet Ukrainians while he was advancing his communist reign in this systematic form of starvation was known as the Holodomor. This is the backdrop for an epic melodrama where two childhood lovers Yuri (Max Irons) and Natalka (Samantha Barks) endure the Holodomor and oppressive Stalinist reign. They fight for survival, joining liberation forces, always guided by their lifelong connection.


Criterion Prediction #77: Yaaba, by Alexander Miller

22 Feb

Title: Yaaba

Year: 1989

Director: Idrissa Ouedraogo

Cast: Fatimata Sanga, Noufou Ouedraogo, Roukietou Barry, Adama Ouedraogo, Amadou Toure