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Independent Film Festival Boston: Part 2, by Sarah Brinks

2 May


Much Ado About Nothing

I know as a film critic I should be as unbiased as possible but the film I was most excited about at the Independent Film Festival Boston was Joss Whedon’s adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing. As the creative director of the film festival said in his opening remarks, “Nowhere but Boston is there likely a place where the Venn diagram of Whedon fans and Shakespeare fans has more overlap”. If the response of the sold out audience I saw the film with was any indication, he was right. Whedon is understandably busy so he was not able to attend the screening but Fran Franz (Claudio) and newcomer Jillian Morgese (Hero) were present and spoke a little about how fun, fast, and alcohol-fueled the project was. It was filmed at Whedon’s home over eleven days and it sounds like filming was a lot of fun.


Independent Film Festival Boston: Part 1, by Sarah Brinks

2 May

In the wake of one of the most difficult weeks in Boston history, the Independent Film Festival Boston is soldiering on. Bostonians love art, and, in this writer’s opinion, art is one of the best weapons against fear and terror. So this year’s festival feels particularly necessary, as it offers New England and the world the opportunity to join together and laugh, cry and ponder together. The Independent Film Festival Boston offers a wide variety of films, which are hopefully represented in my reviews.



I am one of those people who will see anything in which an actor I like stars. This has sometimes led to great discoveries, and has other times led to great disappointments. So when I saw that Iwan Rheon (Simon from Misfits) was in a film called Wasteland, I was in. Fortunately, this was one of those great discoveries. Not only was Rheon in the film, but an almost unrecognizable Mathew Lewis (Neville Longbottom from the Harry Potter films) and Gerard Kearns (Ian from the UK version of Shameless) were also featured.