Hey, Watch This! The Knick/The Killing

the-knick-teaserIn this episode, Paul and David discuss the premiere of The Knick, as well as The Killing.CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

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  1. Boothe says:

    I also thought about House while watching the show. Paul makes a point about doctors being assholes, but what bothers me a bit is that it’s usually just one doctor in the ensemble who’s an asshole, and he/(she?) happens to be the lead.

    I’m hoping at some point in the series, the supporting characters develop more backbone; you know, challenge him a little. Make things a little more interesting.

    The supporting cast has a couple of “oh…that’s who that is”

    Dr. Bertie is young William Miller in Almost Famous.

    Dr. Everett Gallinger is Whitney Fordman from Smallville (Hi Lana!)

    Nurse Elkins is Bono’s daughter.

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