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Four Good Days: Just Look at Her, by David Bax

Despite the ups and downs of success and critical reception throughout his career, there remains something stubbornly auteuristic about Rodrigo Garcia. It’s not just that he returns again and again to female-centric, upper middle class domestic melodramas, though that’s certainly...


The Cast of Cthulhu: Annihilation

A fair bit of dillydallying on this episode before the discussion on Alex Garland’s criminally underseen Annihilation including a (very) lengthy discussion on WandaVision and the Disney’s grey morality as a content/art provider, a less lengthy discussion at 27:46 about why we’d rather fight with...


The Father: What He Has, by David Bax

Much of the music in Florian Zeller’s The Father is diegetic, or at least partially so, the music on the headphones of Anthony (Anthony Hopkins), the patriarch of the title, expanded to fill the movie. All of it is beautiful,...