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Boy Erased: Thesis Statement, by David Bax

Joel Edgerton’s previous outing as director, 2015’s The Gift, was a psychological thriller that, as such movies often do, borrowed heavily from horror tropes. His new film, the real life gay conversion therapy survivor’s tale Boy Erased, sometimes flirts with...


Gringo: Ficcion Pulpa, by David Bax

Nash Edgerton’s Gringo would have been a mild sensation if it came out twenty years ago, the kind of movie whose posters would be all over dorm rooms and that would be in heavy rotation on the TV in your weed dealer’s...


Bright: Rather Dim, by Ian Brill

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad was a mixed bag but easily the weakest aspect was the mystical villain Enchantress and her giant CGI-borne brother Incubus. Their place in their story felt like a concession — that superhero films must have big...

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