Category: Theatrical Review


Benedetta: Risking Souls, by Scott Nye

“Paul Verhoeven made a lesbian nun movie set in the 17th century,” they said, and we all sat up with at least an expression that suggested interest, if not fully out loud saying “oh really?” But while lesbian nuns might...


Flee: Scar Tissue, by David Bax

There’s always a tinge of suspicion that bubbles up in me when I sit down to watch a smaller, independent film and am immediately greeted by recognizable names listed as producers. At what point did they come onboard? And to...


C’mon C’mon: Never Never, by David Bax

There’s a roadblock to my appreciation of Mike Mills C’mon C’mon that keeps popping up as the movie goes along. Johnny (Joaquin Phoenix) is some sort of radio or podcast producer and, throughout the story, he’s working on some cringe-ass...

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