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Titane: High Gear, by Scott Nye

I could describe for you the first half-hour or so of this movie, you know. It wouldn’t be unexpected in a review – reviews tend to discuss a film’s premise – nor, probably, entirely unwelcome if you’ve heard of it....


Tove: Life Removed, by Scott Nye

Zaida Bergroth’s Tove takes an interesting gambit and finds a distinctly uninteresting path to take with it. A biopic of renowned cartoonist Tove Jansson (played by Alma Pöysti), it spends very little time dissecting how or why her famous creation,...


Un petit rendez-vous

A little over a year ago, I arrived in New York for a friend’s wedding, after which I was to spend a week at my office’s New York branch. As with any trip to New York, I had planned a...