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Episode 684: TCM Classic Film Festival Special Home Edition Wrap-Up

In this episode, David and guest co-host Julie Sesnovich are joined by Battleship Pretension editor-at-large Scott Nye and Senior Editor Kyle Anderson to discuss the movies they watched during the first ever Special Home Edition of the TCM Classic...


To the Stars: Floating, by Scott Nye

The movies went through a heady period from the 1980s ‘til the mid-2000s of depicting high school as a non-stop party, but when I think back on those years, I mostly think about the long gaps of nothing. I think...


The Whistlers: Coded Messages, by Scott Nye

Corneliu Porumboiu’s work can fit many off-putting descriptors – slow, meandering, talky, lacking in plot or character insight, to name a few – and whether one agrees with those conclusions, his films tend to be a tough sell if you’re...