Category: Theatrical Review


The Creator: A Spectacular Void, by Scott Nye

Big-budget science fiction is filled with gearheads bereft of emotional urgency. They serve well a modern audience uninterested in storytelling, constantly posting gray-toned CGI comps several degrees removed from an acceptable finished product, claiming them to be among the greatest...


Bottoms: Gut Punch, by Scott Nye

Emma Seligman’s 2020 debut feature Shiva Baby was the biggest breath of fresh air in American independent filmmaking since the sun set on mumblecore. Culturally relevant, funny in a really original way, personal without being self-involved, and really sharply-structured, it’s...


Asteroid City: Outer West, by Scott Nye

“No hay banda!” the master of ceremonies memorably declares in David Lynch’s Mulholland Dr. “There is no band!” What he is referring to directly, and Lynch somewhat more obliquely, is that everything we are seeing is an illusion. The concert...

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