Category: Theatrical Review


Cherry: Artificially Flavored, by David Bax

At the end of Cherry, a title card pops up reading, “A Russo Brothers Movie.” The word choice there is a fitting summation of the directors’ entertainment-first ethos. Their relentlessly larger-than-life inclusions–red tinting, swooping cameras, massive text superimpositions–occasionally serve a...


Sin: Rocky Road, by David Bax

In ways both good and bad, Andrey Konchalovskiy’s Sin isn’t strictly a biopic of Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo (played here by Alberto Testone). Like most good biographical films, it doesn’t try to cram too much of the man’s life into...


Malcolm & Marie: Solitaire, by David Bax

Early in Sam Levinson’s Malcolm & Marie–a movie that makes a case for self-indulgence not necessarily being a detriment to quality–Malcolm (John David Washington), a film director who’s just returned home with his girlfriend, Marie (Zendaya), after the triumphant premiere...