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I Do Movies Badly: The Rhythm Section

Reed Morano month(s) goes out with a whimper instead of a bang. From box office receipts to tepid creativity, there is no way to describe The Rhythm Section other than a disappointment.  Reminder that I’m taking a hiatus for March but I’ll be...


I Do Movies Badly: Meadowland

Reed Morano’s directorial debut is an immersive emotional journey into grief and pain, realized wonderfully by how the director/DP uses her camera. But emotion over logic doesn’t always lead to satisfying conclusions.


Jim’s Top Ten of 2018

For a long time my relationship with 2018’s cinematic offerings resembled that of the protagonist of a romantic comedy who fell in love with his best friend: I was always looking for something that would sweep me off my feet...


Sundance 2018: I Think We’re Alone Now, by David Bax

  Reed Morano’s I Think We’re Alone Now is a highly polished objet d’art, shot in stunning widescreen with sound design mixed in Dolby Atmos. With its crepuscular compositions and its studied patience, it’s often quite beautiful to behold. Inside, though, it’s...

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