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Sundance 2012- Day Three

Day Three of Sundance was a bit of wash, thanks to what I will hereafter refer to as “Snowpocalypse Now.” I’ve been staying at my parents’ house in Midway, UT, a few miles past Park City proper down the dark...


Sundance 2012- Day Two

One of the harshest realities about Sundance—especially for people visiting for the first time—is just how fucking hard it is. In many ways, the festival works against comfort and convenience. When you’re outside, it’s too cold. When you’re indoors, it’s...


Sundance 2012- Day One

I’ve never been to Cannes (too cosmopolitan), Tribeca (too East Coast-y), or Toronto (too socialist), but I have been to Sundance. A lot. Growing up a film-obsessed art dork in Park City, Sundance’s arrival every January felt almost too good...