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Matt’s Top Ten of 2016

10. 20th Century Women Mike Mills’ semi-autobiographical character dramedy might be the most resolutely pro-feminist artwork to ever totally fail the Bechdel test. Of course, you don’t need me to mansplain to you how the Bechdel is an imperfect metric of a film’s...


Manchester by the Sea: Worthy, by Matt Warren

There’s an entire genre of very shitty prestige film out there I like to call the “let’s-watch-this-asshole-self-destruct-for-90-minutes-before-we-tell-you-what-bad-thing-in-their-past-is-making-them-act-this-way” movie. We all know the kind of movie I’m talking about: the ones where sad sack protagonists forget to shave, drink alone in...

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