The Classic Horror Cast: M

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2 Responses

  1. a_freudian_fan says:

    Thanks for a thought-provoking podcast! Here are some of the thoughts it provoked:

    1) The mother of the first victim is obviously overworked. Can you imagine her walking down the endless staircase to search for her daughter? The blame here does not fall only on her shoulders (and her interest in magazines).

    2) The shot with the poster (on which the killer’s shadow appears) is not a clumsy exposition a) because the posters at that time really looked like that b) because the power of media is one of the themes the movie deals with. In another great scene you mentioned, a poster is read aloud after someone from the crowd yells that the letters are too small.

    2) I think the last sentence of the movie addresses both the parents of ALL children, both the potential victims and the potential aggressors!

  2. a_freudian_fan says:

    (one “both” too many)

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