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Movie Meltdown: Waking Doug Devine

This week we are joined by semi-regular cast member… and at this point, a member of the Meltdown family – DOUG JONES!! And this week Doug joins us for our Sofa Theater discussion of Waking Ned Devine. And while we realize both the guest...


Movie Meltdown: Dougie’s Cut: A Notting Hill Tale

This week we are coming to you “live” from the Lexington Comic & Toy Convention as we sit down with Doug Jones to discuss not just monsters and aliens, but also his Sofa Theater pick – Notting Hill. As well as hearing his stories about just being...


Han Solo: A Smuggler’s Trade

Han Solo: A Smuggler’s Trade is a Star Wars fan film starring BP guests Jamie Costa and Doug Jones!


Movie Meltdown: Road Trips with Kathleen Turner

This week we hit the road to Days of the Dead in Indianapolis – where we talk with Kathleen Turner! That’s right… we sit down with the star of Body Heat, Romancing the Stone, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Prizzi’s Honor, Jewel of the Nile, The Accidental Tourist,Crimes of Passion, The...


Movie Meltdown: Spider-Man: Far from Home

This week the Super Series returns from “the blip” to discuss the end of the old phase/kick off of Marvel moving forward, as we cover Spider-Man: Far from Home. And as we come to terms with the fact that we are all just...


Home Video Hovel: Candyman, by David Bax

Nothing says “prestige horror” like a score by Philip Glass. His towering, choral, staccato music is unmistakable from the very beginning of Candyman. And, in retrospect, the fact that the movie is directed by Bernard Rose, whose other best known...