AFI Fest, Day 5

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  1. Timothy Meadows says:

    I encourage Mr. Nye to engage in professionalism if he wishes to be a professional writer. With Every Heartbeat is now titled Kiss Me due to its distribution deal with Wolfe Video. Simple information – the reason for its title change and the announcement of its distribution deal – would of course been discussed during the Q&A, but is at least easily searchable over the Internet. My point is – if you don’t care enough to do the writing, why should we care enough to do the reading?

  2. Scott Nye says:

    Well, whether or not you read is of course your prerogative. I hope you’ll find the occasional factual error doesn’t detract too much, though I’m certainly happy to address it.

    The film in question was titled “With Every Heartbeat” in the AFI Fest film guide and all of the press materials provided. Films often change titles for a number of reasons, and, as the title that came onscreen when I saw it was indeed “Kyss Mig,” I noted that as an alternate title in the above piece. I still felt the best decision was to call it first by its listed title, as anyone attending or familiar with AFI Fest would know it first and foremost by that name, but once again, the alternate titles are listed for any readers who may want to seek it out in the future.

    As with many films, I did not stick around for the Q&A session primarily due to time constraints (in spite of my snarky aside, I would’ve happily stayed had I not another film to attend very soon afterwards). I’ve been very happy with the quality of Q&A sessions AFI Fest has put on, but I see them as a luxury to be indulged when time permits, and time did not for this film. I’ve also been forced to forgoe similar events with some of the films I admired most, so this was not a case of me simply dismissing the filmmakers’ thoughts because I didn’t like the film very much.

    Thank you very much for reading and commenting.

  3. Chuck Degutis says:


    Breakthrough Section (award accompanied by a $5,000 cash prize)

    WITH EVERY HEARTBEAT by Alexandra-Therese Keining

    Critics and audiences never get along.

  4. Scott Nye says:

    I was very surprised to hear that, especially since I heard Light of Mine went over like gangbusters and the best I heard as people left Heartbeat was “it was okay…kinda predictable, but whatever.”

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