Bond, James Bond: The 60s, by Kyle Anderson

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  1. Mattallica says:

    Great article. I’m really looking forward to the next installment. ’70s Bond is my favorite, precisely BECAUSE it’s so shitty and over-the-top.

    I’ve never once taken the character seriously, which is why I get a kick out of how much of a cartoon the Roger Moore films are. The Connery films are actually the ones I’m the least familiar with, even though for most people that’s the definitive version of the character.

  2. Mr. Chris says:

    There was NOTHING like a James Bond film back in the 1960’s. I remember. I was there. Although there were countless rip-offs following “Goldfinger,” the sheer spectacle of the series were unmatched by any other entertainment at that time. Seeing “Thunderball” in a packed movie house was comparable to first time audiences watching “Star Wars” and “The Empire Strikes Back.” When those dots sweeped across the screen and the 007 theme blared, you got goose bumps. You knew within two hours you going to see things you never saw before.

    Today you look at “Skyfall” as a good example of a particuar genre- the action thriller, but that movie offers nothing that disguishes itself from several other movies in a given year. Bond lives on, thankfully, but the writer is right. The golden age has past. In was in the 1960’s.

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