BP’s Top 100 Challenge #10: The Third Man, by Sarah Brinks

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2 Responses

  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    This film is considered a classic for a reason. Carol Reed’s personal favorite of his own films was “Odd Man Out”, starring James Mason as an IRA cell leader.

    There was a radio show that was supposed to depict the prior adventures of Harry Lime, voiced again by Welles, but they bizarrely decided to make him a good guy who never did anything condemnatory in the end, and even stated at one point he was too ethical to traffic in narcotics! It’s like they didn’t understand the character in the film at all, and it made me angry even with liberal use of that musical theme. The plot of one episode was later used for Welles’ “Mr. Arkadin”, but I haven’t seen that film adaptation yet.

    • Sarah Brinks says:

      That is really interesting and completely baffling. Lime was a very reprehensible character, what a strange choice to make him a good guy.
      It’s a fantastic film. I really enjoyed watching it again.

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