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  1. Patrick says:

    Regarding the Pussy Riot discussion,
    I think the big mistake that most political documentaries make is that they rely on instilling outrage in audiences rather than making a rhetorical case that is sustainable in the lives of its audience.

    Film Festivals are one of my favorite things on earth. I agree with David’s approach of focusing primarily on films that you know you’ll never have another opportunity to see. For this reason, I tend to gravitate towards the shorts, experimental and documentary programs at festivals.

  2. John says:

    Next premium episode: 90 minutes of Producer Tyler.

  3. Ryan says:

    I normally wouldn’t presume to tell people how to run their podcast that I listen to for free, but since you guys asked…I happen to like it when you guys discuss politics. I wouldn’t want it to happen every week or anything, but when it comes up in a normal discussion of movies, I think it’s perfectly fine, and I think it’s a shame you guys feel like you have to shy a way from it.
    And not to sound like an afterschool special or anything, but I’m a gay atheist living in LA, and my exposure to Christian conservatives is pretty limited. I have to say, since discovering this podcast about a year ago, I’ve had my preconceptions challenged about what it means to be a Christian conservative and how “those people” think. That’s all because of Tyler. So thanks for that, Tyler. Keep up the good work. I hope that doesn’t sound patronizing.

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