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  1. Battleship Pretension says:

    Tyler and David realized immediately after they finished recording that they forgot about THE RULES OF THE GAME. Our apologies.

    -The Management

  2. Davide says:

    I was happy to hear you talk Michael Haneke a little bit, I’m a big fan!

    The Struck by Lightning episode is one of my favorites of the MTOL podcast 🙂

  3. When I saw the rental car scene from THE QUEEN OF VERSAILLES that you refer to I assumed she was joking or playing it up because she was being filmed and it was just lost in translation through the editing/how it was presented on film – there were a few other moments like this I saw in the film.

  4. Anthony K in LA says:

    Is Ferris Bueller rich? His family is depicted as middle to upper middle class. Aren’t they? Thus, is bourgeois Ferris is prankster-style pr*** getting away with it like his sister posits or is he just a fun-loving suburbanite kid stopping to smell the roses? I bet I know what poor, working class Mr. Rooney thinks!

    In fact, can someone bring forth the Michael Haneke-inspired Ferris Bueller remake? Just kidding.

  5. Anthony K in LA says:

    One more thing…. I really like Lee Tamahori’s The Edge, and a wonderful point for the podcast, because the villain is clearly jealous simply because Anthony Hopkin’s character is quite obviously wealthy and successful due to using his brain. You never get the sense that Hopkin’s character simply inherited it.

  6. Nathan Johnson says:

    I relate to Tyler’s horror at the prospect of witnessing bodies go from life to non-life–especially when the audience is supposed to cheer. I thought I was the only one who felt that way.

  7. Alysha Brady says:


    What were the names of the other podcasts you guys are going to be appearing on soon? I’d like to check them out, but don’t want to scan the whole episode again looking for that info.


    • Battleship Pretension says:

      I believe Tyler was on a recent episode of The Paul Goebel Show and we’ll both be on an upcoming episode of 11 Points Countdown, which is a YouTube show, not a podcast. Thanks!

      – David

  8. Eric says:

    I’m glad to hear The Philadelphia Story brought up– the early history of film, anything predating the 1960’s really, seemed full of stories about not only the life of rich families but the class divide that occurs when an average person enters the home.

    These are more about the discrepancy between the poor and the rich than about wealth itself but My Man Godfrey’s another great film.

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