Go Back to Bed, America! by David Bax

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2 Responses

  1. Vivienne says:

    David — Casual Hicks fan here — I have to disagree with you because I think Hicks is painfully and timelessly hilarious. Is the documentary good? entertaining? funny? I get that its balanced showing Hicks warts and all, but is it a worthwhile watch? Love your podcasts! I listen all the time.

  2. Steve C. says:

    Thanks David, I’ve been looking forward to seeing this for awhile and now even more so since it seems to be a more balanced view of the man. I’m a huge Hicks fan but I’d hate to see a sycophantic work made by his ‘disciples’. You bring up a very good point about his post sobriety style- “conclusions made, I’m just spreading the Good News…about drugs, rock, war, etc.”- with which I mostly agree (though not a big fan of his porno-bits and the influence it’s had on every hack comic/morning dj). I would’ve have liked to hear about those “bad times on drugs” that he mentions when he did his “I’ve had good times on drugs” bit. If he included his vulnerabilities as part of his performance and made us laugh at/with him he would have truly been great.

    And I strongly disagree on his comedy’s shelf life: Hicks’ takes on society/pop culture in 1992 would’ve applied to the next decade as well, just exchange Britney Spears for New Kids on the Block and Baby Bush for Papa Bush. I do suspect he would’ve become a crankier old man and possibly gone conservative ala Dennis Miller if he lived on.

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