Road to Joy, by Josh Long

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  1. I’ll go along with the “feast for the eyes” here, but I can’t agree that Trip to Italy was uproariously funny. Funny, yes. And I can’t agree that it was “keenly introspective.” I think the film shows two high achieving, insecure, ungenerous,”friends” in a serious of witty conversations in which they try to one-up each other. The few attempts at serious topics (e.g. mortality, failure, loneliness, rivalry) are quite shallow, and seemed to me to be cheap sentimentality. Structurally, the film is essentially a series of conversations over free food, a series of realty-show kitchen shots and brief close-ups of servings, and long shots of wonderful landscapes. Like a typical American tourist, I wasn’t always sure where I was. After some welcome conversational attention to Byron, Shelley and Keats, the chatting became mostly about iconic pop-culture film actors’ speech styles.

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