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Tove: Life Removed, by Scott Nye

Zaida Bergroth’s Tove takes an interesting gambit and finds a distinctly uninteresting path to take with it. A biopic of renowned cartoonist Tove Jansson (played by Alma Pöysti), it spends very little time dissecting how or why her famous creation,...


Un petit rendez-vous

A little over a year ago, I arrived in New York for a friend’s wedding, after which I was to spend a week at my office’s New York branch. As with any trip to New York, I had planned a...


Scott’s Movie Journal #7

The Climb (Michael Angelo Covino, 2019) (first view) A very promising debut. Each scene is handled in one shot, and while its bravura sometimes threatens to eclipse its beauty, the writing and performances are so honest that it doesn’t really...