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Promising Young Woman: Squandered, by David Bax

In comedy, there’s this term “clapter.” It describes what happens when a comedian gains an audience’s approval by declaring something with which they are sure to agree instead of by saying funny things. The audience claps instead of laughing. Comedians...


Scott’s Movie Journal #3

In Name Only (John Cromwell, 1939) (first view) If anyone told me there was a 30s movie with Carole Lombard, Cary Grant, and Kay Francis, my first guess wouldn’t necessarily be a life-and-death melodrama, but here we are. Everyone is...


Mudbound: Bittersweet Symphony, by David Bax

Mudbound is not just a clever name for Dee Rees’ extraordinary new film. Rain and the thick, brown, sticky slop that ensues are a constant presence. In the opening scene, which we’ll soon learn is a flash-forward, two brothers (Jason Clarke...

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