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Monday Movie: Mad Love, by David Bax

1935’s Mad Love has kind of a crazy plot but it has an even crazier pedigree. The final film directed by Karl Freund, the brilliant cinematographer of The Last Laugh and Metropolis fame, Mad Love is also the Hollywood debut...


Monday Movie: Frankenstein, by David Bax

Frankenstein’s monster, at least as imagined by Boris Karloff and James Whale, is not really a classic movie monster or villain. Yet he performs at least one act that is horrifyingly monstrous, and all the more so for his innocence....


The L.A. Rep-port: 1/5 to 1/11, by Scott Nye

And we’re back! It’s been a hectic few (several) months since the last one, but we’re hoping to do this more regularly by doing it more simply. Instead of trying to capture everything, we’re trying to direct you to one...

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