The BP Top Ten of 2023

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2 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    I enjoyed all your choices except ‘Barb’ (good for its market but its flash couldn’t reach an emotion in me). Great year for Sandra Hüller – ‘Zone’ and ‘Anatomy’ will explode her career at age 45.

    My favourites include several of yours so here’s 10 that exclude them:

    The Eight Mountains (Belgium set Italy friendship drama)

    The Teachers’ Lounge (Germany school drama)

    Next Sohee (Korea drama thriller)

    Close (Belgium school child friendship drama)

    Inshallah a Boy (Jordan female oppression drama)

    The Persian Version (USA-Iran immigrant family comedy)

    The Artifice Girl (USA philosophical indie sci-fi drama)

    Poor Things (Frankenstein meets My Pretty Lady)

    Green Border (Poland immigrant drama thriller)

    Bad Lands (Japan crime drama)

    I look forward to seeing Perfect Days, American Fiction, The Boy and the Heron, Housekeeping for Beginners and Tótem .

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      Of the ten you list, I love The Eight Mountains, The Teachers’ Lounge, Poor Things and Green Border. And, unfortunately, I absolutely despised Close. As for the rest, thanks for the recommendations!

      – David

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