Worth Playing For: “The Tables Have Turned”

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  1. Sara says:

    I’m with both of you in that I want Sandra to be voted off ASAP! I can’t stand her arrogant attitude. However, do you think there are some players who want to take her to the end because they don’t think the jury will award her for a third time? (I think people would, though!)

  2. Does it seem like, for the last two episodes, the producers have intentionally not shown the deliberations about the person who actually winds up being voted out? Malcolm was a surprise, and last week the votes for Caleb seemed to’ve come out of nowhere. Are they contriving surprises?

    Also, some form of after show program on the paid CBS channel (and maybe free) had Malcolm on, clearly just having watched the episode and angry again, and he told Jenn Brown that as long as tribals usually last, that one was about twice as long – hours. He said that there had to have been about 20 huddles, with crazy mixes of people in them. On one hand he said that he and Sierra Dawn Thomas were indeed sitting amid the chaos just shaking their heads at each other, but he also said that at one point he found himself in a huddle with people he’d never even met yet, so he was more active than the edit showed.

    Caleb is indeed as naive as Woo. My dad watches Big Brother. Because of that show, I will not be surprised if they bring him back, because once he gets comfortable, he is *quite* a broad character, but that show also confirms Tyler’s suspicions. He’s incredibly loyal, and quickly loyal too.

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