WTF Are You Watching? Cannibal: The Musical

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  1. Ray (@RaySquirrel) says:

    I received my degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder from ’03-’07 and had many of the professors who taught Matt Stone and Trey Parker. My 8mm filmmaking professor Don Yannacitto had a small role in the film. My Film Theory professor Bruce Kawin (who is a brilliant professor, reportedly it was his class on horror which inspired Cabin In The Woods, and I highly recommend his book Mindscreen if you want a good explanation of Bergman’s Persona) was the professor with the strict attendance policy and flunked most of the student actors in this film.

    When I was their the school spent several million dollars or so building a new high tech media arts center. This building had a wall-sized video display immediately as you walked in, and the school were looking for some student video projects to show on this new screen. I took an animation class, and one of our assignments was to make an animation which was going to be looped on this wall display. As expected a few of the college students made animations of gory and disgusting things. Our professor, in as genial a fashion as he could, told us to be more adult. He specifically said that the school is tired of being known as “The South Park academy”. After that all the media arts center had to show on this huge screen was Cannibal: The Musical (or as they know it in Boulder, Alfred Packer: The Musical).

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