BP Movie Journal 3/21/24

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  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    I disliked Into the Spiderverse enough that I don’t think I’ll ever watch Across. But I’ve also always disliked the character of Spider-Man/Peter Parker and only watched for the possibility that a different character might be better.

    Horror is my favorite genre, but it’s not because it follows expected trappings. Instead I think it’s even more of a director’s medium than movies generally are. A director is more unrestrained in horror, with the requirement they must pass merely being that it scare/disturb/creep out/etc the audience. Unhappy endings aren’t required in horror, but they’re permitted more than most genres (Flanagan’s Hill House miniseries fell on its face at the end because the family drama series genre was incompatible with the ending that what was retained from the source material was building up to). Admittedly, there are things like slasher sequels which basically do nothing but slot into audience expectations, but that’s not my preferred kind of horror (the unsympathetic victims typical of that don’t cause the audience to fear on their behalf, for example).

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