20 Oct


In this episode, Tyler and David discuss those movies they’re going to see, whether they want to or not.

Hey, Watch This! The Affair/Jane the Virgin

19 Oct


In this episode, Paul and David discuss The Affair and Jane the Virgin.


What You Think I Am, by Tyler Smith

18 Oct


Alex Ross Perry’s Listen Up Philip is an exploration of social expectations that is both fascinating and entertaining.  In it, we have characters that are almost hyper-aware of what the world seems to want from them, and they act accordingly.  These expectations may run completely counter to what the characters themselves want, but that is quickly pushed aside.  These people inhabit the art world, after all, and being true to oneself isn’t nearly as important as appearing to be true to oneself; this would at first appear to be a very slight distinction, but it is the difference between contentedness and utterly misery, as our characters soon discover.


Up, Up, and Away! by Tyler Smith

17 Oct


Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s Birdman is one of the most personal films I’ve ever seen. Not just for the director, but for a number of the people involved. And, indeed, for any artist that might be watching. But, it doesn’t stop there. This is a film that, though it is remarkably specific, explores such universal themes that it often feels like it’s telling everybody’s story. Yours, mine, everybody. All without ever sacrificing the individuality of its characters and story. That is a pretty astounding accomplishment.


Unquiet Americans: Hot Times, by Aaron Pinkston

16 Oct


Film critic and series lecturer Jonathan Rosenbaum opened his introduction to Jim McBride’s underground classic Hot Times by saying “Tonight, we’ll be watching softcore pornagraphy.” While it is true that Hot Times is exclusively interested in sex and at times is fairly graphic in its sexual descriptions and conversations, this seems too much of a generalization. Part parody, part madcap comedy, part liberated sex study, the film is a mishmash of styles and ideas. It is truly one of the most bizarre films I’ve ever seen, especially in an academic setting.


Sequelcast: Saw II

16 Oct


In this episode, Mat and Thrasher discuss the sequel to Saw.


Home Video Hovel: You and the Night, by Craig Schroeder

16 Oct


“Our appetite is a gift,” Udo, a transvestite maid, tells The Slut in Yann Gonzalez’s You and the Night. Udo is one of the architects of a late-night orgy that includes a number of people with dubious sexual histories who have turned their past misfortune (or transgressions) into integral pieces of their sexual appetite. You and the Night is a beautiful film about how people’s sexual desires and romantic relationships are formed and used both for beauty and despair. And, as Udo suggests, the sex and romance depicted in You and the Night is a not just a way for the characters to make well in their own lives, but is a gift to film audiences, who, far too often, are witnesses to cinematic love that fits into an increasingly narrow box.


I Do Movies Badly: Persona

15 Oct


In this episode, Jim continues his series on Ingmar Bergman with a discussion of Persona.

Amy and Hildy, by Scott Nye

14 Oct

fridaymorocco collage

Last night, the New Beverly Cinema here in Los Angeles screened a double bill of Josef von Sternberg’s Morocco (1930) and Howard Hawks’s His Girl Friday (1940), and if you’re thinking to yourself, “why on Earth would anyone screen those two pictures back-to-back?”, well, just know you’re not alone. Looking over the theater’s schedule this month, you’ll see a lot of very obvious connections in their double features – Steve McQueen/Sam Peckinpah collaborations, racing pictures, 1994 20th anniversary celebrations, and plenty of director-focused nights. But what does Sternberg’s morose, downbeat love story have to do with Hawks’s zany newspaper comedy, besides being made within ten years of one another?

Turns out, they’re telling the same story.



13 Oct


In this episode, Tyler and David discuss remembering movies, and discuss the career of Jan Hooks.

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