10. Ghostbusters

15 Sep


directed by Ivan Reitman

Murray. Aykroyd. Ramis. Moranis. Weaver. In 1984, you didn’t need much more than those names to guarantee an amazing film. Ghostbusters¬†didn’t play it safe, though, with what could have been a disaster of a plot. Three weirdos running around New York City sucking up ghosts with incomprehensible technology? Seriously? Well, it works swimmingly, mostly due to Murray’s quips, Aykroyd’s total commitment and Ramis’s nerdy believably. If Ghostbusters¬†were made today, it probably would rely more on the scary and wacky ghosts than its three stars, but the version we got allows them to riff off each other to balance off the sci-fi. Like many of the other genre hybrids on this list, the science fiction is given enough respect, and there are a few legitimate scares. And then there is the unforgettable conclusion with one of the funniest and most frightening (depends on who you are) evil characters of all time. Seeing the film again in theaters for its 30-year anniversary, a few of the film’s special effects don’t quite hold up, but they must have been incredibly exciting in its day.

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