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TIFF 2018: Gloria Bell, by David Bax

There’s an unavoidable cheapening effect when a non-American director remakes their own film in English. To be churlish about it, these movies are made for the type of person who would prefer The Grudge to Ju-On. Chilean director Sebastián Lelio’s Gloria was one of the...


TIFF 2018: Kursk, by David Bax

I always find it difficult to write about a submarine movie without writing about submarine movies as a genre. My fascination with the format probably comes from the fact that, while the tropes are clearly defined, there aren’t enough such...


TIFF 2018: Mouthpiece, by David Bax

Even if you didn’t know going in that Patricia Rozema’s Mouthpiece is an adaptation of a play (by writers/stars Amy Nostbakken and Norah Sadava), it wouldn’t take you long to guess as much. Characters here don’t talk; they opine, reflect and declare...