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Abominable: Believe in Magic, by David Bax

Jill Culton (2006’s Open Season) establishes her skills as both writer and director early on in Abominable. In a lively and largely wordless sequence detailing how she spends an average day of her summer vacation, we learn everything we need...


Pokemon Detective Pikachu: Catchy, by David Bax

If you’re not familiar with Pokémon and you’re concerned that Pokémon Detective Pikachu, the first live-action film in the many-tendriled franchise, won’t make sense to you, don’t worry. Making sense is not really on this movie’s list of priorities. Sure,...


UglyDolls: No Alibi, by David Bax

UglyDolls‘ voice cast leans heavily toward people known more for singing than for acting. There’s Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, Janelle Monae, Blake Shelton, Pitbull, Charli XCX, Bebe Rexha, Lizzo… to name just a couple. Given that this new animated, positive-message...