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I Do Movies Badly: Class of 1984

Did Mark L. Lester, the man behind Commando, intend us to take Class of 1984 to be a satire of the overblown panic about violence in schools or a gravely serious warning about what he deemed an apathetic, dangerous next generation? Either way, it’s...


I Do Movies Badly: My Bloody Valentine

There does seem at first to be something clever and subversive about setting a slasher film on Valentine’s Day…until you remember that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday and My Bloody Valentine bungles the execution of what could have been an interesting...


I Do Movies Badly: Black Christmas

Black Christmas has earned its reputation as a seminal horror film, with Bob Clark’s directorial choices and effective subversion of the Christmas holiday season establishing its influence for decades to come (especially in 2020, when this reviewer will be heavily inspired...


I Do Movies Badly: The Endless

Benson and Moorhead revisit the world that they established in Resolution with The Endless allowing them to explore more of the “what” of the entity controlling peoples’ fates, but still neglecting to answer the “why” or “how.”


I Do Movies Badly: Resolution

Who’d have thought that it was a review from IMDb cluing me into how Resolution, a film that I initially wrote off as “two guys who did the best they could with what they had,” was actually a meta parody of tired...