I Do Movies Badly: Fright Night

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  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    It’s actually quite common for horror films to find the villain more interesting than most characters (such as anyone played by David Manners in old Universal monster movies). Plenty of such films are named after the villain, and if they become a running series will often follow that villain while replacing other characters.

    The main reason to discount a director’s statement about their own intentions (even if they can be presumed to have some expertise on their own work) is that it is “extra-textual” (unless the film by default includes the director’s own voiceover about it). The film itself is the “text”, and is what every viewer experiences. Sometimes when you discuss films you seem to be positively straining AGAINST the text in order to fit some interpretation to it. Better to foreground the text and see which interpretations seem to naturally emerge from it.

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